little pianist

magic hour

autumn aroma

I’m super lucky girl.

small tea room

entrance of Harakka island in Finland

Sweden Stockholm

bright night


sleepy room

we are open

The curtain is about to be raised.

Can he get her message?

it’s a different world

for you don’t like morning

my hometown

water is still cold, but

picnic in house

個展 In some corner

room reflected on the window

lonely room

「歌集 合歓の木」装画

good season for reading, but nobody play with me.

moonrise kingdom’s mates

dangerous reading

Life with flower .3

Life with flower .2


Revival diary from 28 Jun to 14 Jul 2016

Life with flower

we are on your side

red white yellow

meeting spot

spring is coming your home

spring dawn



The Grand Budapest Hotel

Le Havre

her lighthouse / no.5

her lighthouse / no.4

her lighthouse / no.3

her lighthouse / no.2

her lighthouse / no.1

blue town

winter sunlight

糸暦 itogoyomi

tableware and daily life . 2

TV night

autumn leaves

chill time

cherry blossom tree

rooftop in the rain

one summer day

tableware and daily life

black & white items

how to spend the summer for adult

feel Hawaii

4:07 am

this is for you.

beware of a spring breeze


items of my favorite movies 9-10

items of my favorite movies 7-8

items of my favorite movies 5-6

items of my favorite movies 3-4

items of my favorite movies 1-2

working room

songs for woman

match box

Japanese inn (night & morning)

winter morning

I know

time to say hello to winter

quiet season

art museum

sewing machine for novel

black & white for novel

Nordic house 6

Nordic house 5

Nordic house 3-4

Nordic house 1-2

black & white 9-10

black & white 7-8

black & white 5-6

black & white 3-4

black & white 1-2

I see the sea

shine muscat

one summer day

midsummer’s night .2

Because I wanted the jam bottle.

She felt spring. 2

She felt spring. 1

Mr. Hosono

Lapland’s winter


New year 2018

winter 2017 .4